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Your Words Matter!


Does your marriage need help or healing?

Do you need to see a health situation turn around?

Do you often battle feelings of discouragement or defeat?

Do you often dream of a more rewarding life?


In "Change Your Words, Change Your Future", you will learn life-changing principles that will help steer your future in the direction that you have always desired. God wants the best for you, and Julie Thomas will teach you how to recognize and break negative habits, avoid dangerous pitfalls, change your perspective, and speak God’s way to live a life filled with LOVE, HOPE, and a BRIGHTER FUTURE!


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About the Author

Julie Thomas is an author, a leader, singer, and a teacher of God’s word. She is a woman that is very passionate about Christ and is filled with energy, love and a deep desire to help and encourage those around her. 

She has completed her undergraduate (BSN) in Nursing and her graduate (MSN) as a Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner and has helped countless people struggling with life-threatening and/or severe physical and mental conditions. This background and training have helped her to meet the innumerable needs of those dealing with physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual pain that continues to remain so greatly needed. These experiences, along with her own shared personal stories, have given her many years of experience in counseling others to help receive the healing that they have so desperately need.

She has taught God’s word over the years and her heart is to uplift, encourage and inspire people of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds. She believes that if God can change and transform her life, He can do the same for you!

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